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If you are looking for a change. An alternative to having an unreliable, undependable cleaning service. Then you are at the right place. We pride ourselves on listening to your specific needs and concerns. We pay attention to what matters to you and then we deliver. With consistent follow up and focus, we provide our customers with superior service by going above and beyond. Thus the name Complete Care Cleaning.

Complete Cleaning Provider

Complete Care Cleaning is an industry leader in commercial specialty cleaning and maintenance programs.

Covid Cleaning

Having the ability to eradicate and kill Covid is especially important to Complete Care Cleaning. We understand the importance of sensitization without harming your office and personnel working in your facility. 

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Covid Cleaning
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Complete Care Cleaning Service

CCCSI is an industry leader in commercial specialty cleaning.

With a complete understanding of the cleaning problems facing property managers today, Complete Care Cleaning will exceed your cleaning standards, and give you peace of mind, to allow you more time to focus on important business matters with less time spent on cleaning issues!

Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Trusted Staff


Customized and Personal Services


Real Clients Real Reviews

"I was in need of my warehouse floor to be stripped and refinished! Darin and Patricia from Complete Care Cleaning did such an amazing job of refinishing my floor. It was a complete 360 from before and after, and the rate was very fair and affordable! I look forward to working with them in the future on all my cleaning needs. They were on time, quick and efficient! Highly Recommended!"

Ardener Lott

'We've been very happy with their service and have had a very good partnership for several years.
Please reach out to Darin to see if you can work something out. I believe you will find, as we have, that they are a pleasure to work with."

Nansi-Lee Cole

"Thanks again for stopping by and doing a check-in to see how things are going. No complaints from my end at this time as Mrs.Shirley is excellent and always does a wonderful job."

Zack C

"I am consistently pleased with Darin and his entire crew. They are professional, quick, and responsive. I would recommend them to anyone needing cleaning services."

Erika Gordon

"We have used Complete Care Consulting for about 3 or more years. They are a ministry-minded company and genuinely have hearts of service. Their pricing is excellent, and their service is impeccable. They go above and beyond and frequently check in to see if there is anything they can do better. It is obvious that customer satisfaction is important to them. We consider them family and would highly recommend them to other possible customers/clients."

Ardener Lott

"I almost don't want to write this review, so I can keep them to myself! Darin and Patricia are exactly what you want if you are looking for any type of service - they deeply care about keeping you completely satisfied. They offer great value and will make sure you stay happy."

Stephen Nishimuta

"Darin and Patricia are wonderful and professional owners. They always make sure that everything is being handled well and that we are satisfied with their service. Customer Service is a #1 Priority with them and we are 100% satisfied."

Donna Cummings

"We love Darrin and Patricia! Our office has been through several services and we are very happy to say that Complete Care is the one to stay with!"

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We pride ourselves in our ability to take a “proactive approach” with all our customers cleaning needs.

CCCSI continues to set new standards for quality and dependability as we listen to our clients’ needs, and deliver the desired results. We have Ownership who supports our cleaners, who have been trained, certified and passed a thorough background check. Our Cleaning Team is provided with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, micro- fiber cloths and green cleaning chemicals.

We will then provide you with Quality Assurance consistently monitoring and Inspecting your Facility. The result is that your building being cleaned to your satisfaction and expressed specifications. We have a system that tracks and trends every detail in your facility. With our Ownership and great Quality Inspections. We provide you with guaranteed results and customer satisfaction.

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